Sunday, August 30, 2009

Poem: Goings and Comings

written 8/29/09

He left, and his closet
became storage for the
ironing board.

He returned, and in disbelief
threw it

He left, and forgot a mass
of clothes and trinkets
of sorts.

He returned, and remembered
the piles of thoughts
and plans.

Thoughts and plans

Saturday, August 29, 2009

On A Walk: Writing Exercise

in second person.

Critique Welcome!

If you've been on a walk with a sister who's prettier than you, you'll have committed to memory the looks on the faces of the hundreds, of the hundred thousands, of men you've passed on a walk like that. You'll have seen how they look at her. How their eyes drift down her toned, tanned legs, and you'll be torn between punching their nose, kicking their crotch, and running down another street to cry in self pity. If you've been on a walk with a sister who's prettier than you, you'll have chosen the latter. But if she's a good sister, a friend, she'll have searched and found you. She'll have looked away from those hundred thousand men, and pointed out the one geeky boy who looked at you.

And you'll both have laughed.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Poem: What Happens?

written 8/4/09
critique welcome.

What happens if my pen stumbles
over words that won't come?
Words that once flew winged to speckle and splatter
a blank page,
what happens if they can't form,
if they don't form,
like they aren't forming now.

It's because I don't have experience,
I know it is.
Don't tell me different.
Don't try to tell me different.
I know my lack of self, of hurt, of love,
is all my own fault.
I know my fear of fear is pathetic.
I know that, if I felt,

I could write again

Poem: Lies

written 8/1/09
Critique welcome.

I've opened a Pandora's box
of secrets
without meaning to.

I've told things normal people
wouldn't tell
and lost affection.

So I kept secrets,
gained trust,
but lost truth.